Idutex new version publish at June for diesel vehicle
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Please update your idutex to latest version .
Car brand Version No.DateNew update detail 
BOSCHV15.412023/6/101. Optimize the fault code library of the sixth national system.
2. Optimize the entry of China National Heavy Duty Truck P1708 MD1CE100 system.
3. Optimize the Jianghuai P2031 MD1CS089 national VI fault code and data flow function. “
FOTONV13.522023/6/101. Optimize the H5 combination instrument diagnosis (H437601002A0) action test.
ABSV13.882023/6/22. "Knorr ABS/ESC (Foton)": Optimized system activation.
3. "Knorr ABS/ESP (Foton)": Optimized system activation.
4. "VIE ABS (FAW Jiefang)": Optimized system activation.
5. "BWI ESC/ABS(CAN)": Optimized system activation.
6. "Dingjia ABS/ESC (CAN)": Optimized system activation.
7. "APG ABS Hydraulic (K)": Optimized system activation.; Update DTC definition.
JACV13.632023/6/21. Optimize the menu structure.
2. "Body Control System (N Series/K6)": Optimized action test.
YUNNEIV13.52023/6/21. Optimize the Bosch Country VI MD1CE108-D20/D25/D30-250K data flow.
FOTONV13.542023/6/101. Optimize the "injector code adjustment" function.
1. The newly added system includes 5 features: version information, fault codes, data flow, and special features.
CUMMINSV13.302023/6/101.Optimize the "injector code adjustment" function.
ISUZUENV15.422023/6/101. Optimize the menu structure.
2. New regions South Africa covers the 2009-2021 system.
1. Optimize the menu structure.
2. "Eurocargo" models "BOSCH EDC17CV41": optimize system activation; optimize code clearing function.
3. "Eurocargo" models "BOSCH EDC7", "BOSCH-KNORR ABS6": newly added DTC definitions.
4. "Eurocargo" models "IC Eurocargo", "Instrument Cluster", "Suspensions WABCO ECAS", "VCM - Immobilizer": Optimized system activation.
5. "EuroFire", "Stralis", "Trakker" models "WABCO EBS 2": Optimize system activation; add system information "Station number"; add action test "Rear axle modulator".
6. "EuroFire" model "WABCO ECAS": Optimized system activation.
7. "Water Heater" for "PowerStar", "Stralis", and "Trakker" models: the optimization system is activated.
8. "Stralis" models "Air Heater", "Body Computer 2", "FFC", "ZF Eurotronic 2", "Driver Door Module", "Passenger Door Module": Optimized system activation.
9. "Tector" models "Air Heater", "ZF Eurotronic 2", "Driver Door Module", "Passenger Door Module": Optimized system activation.
10. "Driver Door Module" and "Passenger Door Module" for "Trakker" models: Optimized system activation.
IVECOV14.152023/6/301."Eurocargo" model "BOSCH EDC17CV41": Optimize system activation, optimize action test, and add some data streams.
2."Eurocargo" model "WABCO D/E/E2": Optimization system activated.
3."Eurocargo" model Added "ECAS WABCO KWP" system, including System Information, Read DTCs, Clear DTCs, and Data List.
4."Eurocargo" model Added "ABS WABCO E4.5/E8" system, including System Information, Read DTCs, Clear DTCs, and Data List.
5."Daily" model "EDC17C49 ECM", "Bosch EDC17C49(CAN)": Added DTC definition.
6."PowerStar", "Stralis", "Trakker" models Climate Control System "Webasto": Added DTC definitions.