Idutex new version published at May
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​Please update your idutex to latest version to experience a better diagnosis .
24v Car brand Version No.DateNew update detail 
BOSCHV15.42023/5/61. Optimize the SC28 P1878 EDC17C81 action test of Shangchai Guoliu, with special functions.
2. Optimize Weichai P949 EDC17CV44 cylinder cutoff (injection off) test.
SCANIAV14.32023/5/81. Optimize menu structure.
2. Optimize engine system data.
3. Optimize coordinator system data.
4. Optimize gms system data.
5. New systems: ACS(Articulation Control System)、CCC(Climate System In Crew Area)、DCC(Dynamic Chassis Control)、EACS(Electrical Air Compressor System)、INL(Internal Lighting)、MGS(Electric Machine System)、PBC(Parking Brake Control )、RES(Rechargeable Energy Storage System)、RPS(Reference Point System)、TSA(Extra Tag Axle Steering System)、TSS(Tag Axle Steering System)、MBS(Main Body System)、AXI(Inverter)、FSS(Front Axle Steering System)、EHS(Electrohydraulic Power Steering Pump)、HLC(Hazard Warning LED Lamp Control System)、SRC(Short-range Communication System)、SRR(Short-range Radar System).
XINCHAIV12.642023/5/101. Newly added system Bosch C63 P2071_ V100 (V300) includes version information, fault codes, data flow, and special functions.
2. Newly added system Bosch C81 P1863_ V300 (V500) includes version information, fault codes, data flow, and special functions.
3. Newly added system Bosch C62 P2071_ V300 includes 1 version information, fault code, data flow, and special functions.
4. Newly added system Bosch MD1 P2075_ V200 contains version information, fault codes, and data streams.
12V Car Brand Version No.DateUpdate detail
BMWV15.92023/5/11Fix the bug for 2006 1' E87 120i.
ROMEOHOTV10.032023/5/111.Optimization function: OILRESET.
2.Covered vehicle model:GIULIETTA.
LANCIAHOTV10.022023/5/11Optimization function: OILRESET.
Covered vehicle model:DELTA(181).
VOLVOV17.52023/5/111. Add 2021 year model.
2. Improve the actuation function.
TOYOTA V17.22023/5/131. Add new 2023 models for TOYOTA & LEXUS.
2. Improve the Active test function for new models.
3. Improve some special functions for 2020 WIND LANDER , 2015 REIZ and 2022 COROLLA.
4. Add 7 types special functions: Seat Position/Endpoint Information Clear, Seat Position Memory Clear, A/T Code Registration, Transponder Code Registration, Brake Line Air Bleeding, Calibration(For EPB system), Display of ECU ID Number.
5. Improve the communication for 2996 Tacoma.
6. Improve the produce date information selection.