Idutex new version publish for diesel vehicle at July
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Car brand Version No.DateNew update detail 
1. Added "Dachai CA4DK - FAW CADEC3 (China VI)": including system information; data stream; special functions.
1. "EDC17CV52": Optimize the automatic identification function. Added "P_1204_290_290_001" version system, including system information, fault code function, data stream, and action test.
2. "EDC17CV54": Optimize the action test.
HDCASEV13.032023/7/81.Add "Puma Series Tractor (Models 165, 180, 195, 210) (with 18/19x6 Full Power Shift) (with MultiControl Armrest) (Tier 3) (P.I.N. ZxBH40001 - ZxBH99999)" diagnostics.
2.Add "4WD 4WD Diff Lock Control" diagnostics.
3.Add "ACM Armrest Control Module" diagnostics.
4.Add "ATC Auto Temperature Controller" diagnostics.
5.Add "EDC Electronic Draft Control" diagnostics.
6.Add "ENG Electronic Engine Control" diagnostics.
7.Add "EPL Electronic Park Lock" diagnostics.
8.Add "FEHR Front Hydraulic Remote" diagnostics.
9.Add "FHC Front Hitch Control" diagnostics.
10.Add "FPTO Front PTO Control" diagnostics.
11.Add "ICP Integrated Control Panel" diagnostics.
12.Add "Inst Tractor Monitor" diagnostics.
13.Add "REHR Rear Hydraulic Remote" diagnostics.
14.Add "RM Suspension Front Axle Module" diagnostics.
15.Add "RPTO Rear PTO Control" diagnostics.
16.Add "RT Electronic Transmission" diagnostics.
17.Optimization "Data List" Function of System "ACM Armrest Control Module" under Menu "Puma Series Tractor(Models 185, 200, 220, 240) (with CVT Transmission) (Tier 4B) (P.I.N. ZxES00001 - ZxES99999)".
HDNEWHOLLANDV13.032023/7/8New Holland AG:
1.Add "Loader Backhoe (Models B95C, B100C, B110C, B115C) (Tier 4B Engine with SCR)" diagnostics.
2.Add "ECM  Engine Control Module" diagnostics.
3.Add "VCM Vehicle Control/Display Module" diagnostics.
4.Optimization "Data List" Function of System "ACM Armrest Control Module" under Menu "T7 Series Tractor(Models T7.220, T7.235, T7.250, T7.260, T7.270) (with CVT Auto Command Transmission) (Tier 4A) (P.I.N.ZxBZ01001-ZxBZ49999)".
5.Optimization "Active Test" and "Special Function" of System "ECM Engine Control Module" under Menu"T7 Series Tractor (Models T7.220, T7.235, T7.250, T7.260) (with 18/19x6 Power Command Transmission) (Tier 4A) (P.I.N.ZxBZ01001-ZxBZ49999)".
HDCUMMINSV13.312023/7/121. Optimize the parameter configuration of the interaction time between the diagnostic equipment and ECM of the Cummins J1939 diagnostic system.
HDDONGFENGV14.022023/7/141. Optimize the menu structure
2. "Retarder ZF II": Update the definition of the fault code.
3. "T-BOX/TCU": Optimize the existing special functions and add 3 special functions.
4. Added "WABCO ABS (CAN)": including system information, data flow, fault codes, action test, and special functions.
HDIVECOV14.162023/7/171. "IVECO > Universal Area > Daily > Daily[12-] > 2012/2013 > Instrument > Dashboard > Marelli Dashboard - IPC": add status data flow, add action test.
2. "IVECO > Universal Area > Daily > Daily[06-11] > 2011/2010/2009/2008/2007/2006 > Instrument > Dashboard > Marelli Dashboard": add some system information, ECU software version "040000000", "040000093", "040000094" add action test.