Idutex new version publish for diesel vehicle at March
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Vehicle Brand 
Version No.Publish dateNew update detail 
HDRENAULTV13.22023/3/231. New upgrade.
2. Support testable models: Renault heavy-duty truck, Renault Bus.
NEWHOLLANDV13.022023/3/231. Optimize system data.
2. Added "LOADER BACKHOES", including "Loader Backhoe (N.A. Models B95B,B95BTC,B95BLR,B110,B110B,B115,B115B) (EU Models B100B,B100BLR,B110,B110B,B115,B115B)" Model diagnostics.
New Holland CE:
1. Optimize system data.
2. Added "Tier 3 NEF(EDC16C39)" under "Engine".
CASEV13.022023/3/231. Optimize system data.
2. Added "Magnum Tractor (N.A. Models 215, 245, 275, 305, 335) (EU Models 225, 250, 280, 310, 335) (P.I.N. Z7RZ05000 - ZBRZ01882)" and "STX Steiger Tractor (P.I.N. Z5F100001 - Z7F106315)" under "TRACTORS" model diagnostics.
3. Added "HARVESTING EQUIPMENT", including "Axial-Flow 4077 / 4088 Midrange Combines", "Axial-Flow 7120  8120  9120 Combine (P.I.N. Y8G205001 and Above) (P.I.N. YAJ000001 and Above)", "Axial-Flow 5088,6088,7088,2566,2688,2799 Combine(With Cummins Engines)", "Axial-Flow 7230  8230  9230 Flagship Combine (P.I.N. YCG214801 - YDG218531)" model diagnosis.
4. Added "SR175 / SV185 Series Skid Steer Loaders (with Tier 4 ISM DI Engine)" model diagnostics under "SKID STEER LOADERS".
5. Added "Tier 3 NEF(EDC16C39)" under "Engine".
CUMMINSV13.222023/3/231. Optimize the "injector code adjustment" function.
2. Add new data flow items (some systems).
3. Add "injector code adjustment" function (some systems).
4. Update the fault code library.
WEICHAIV15.822023/3/231. Weichai independently added WISE10A versions V181 and V182.
2. Weichai independently added WISE10B versions G160, V180, V181, and V182.
3. Weichai independently added WISE12B version G162.
4. Weichai independently added WISE13A version V168.
5. Weichai independently added WISE13C version V123.
6. Weichai independently added WISE13E versions V111 and V112.
7. Weichai independently added WISE13H versions G100 and G102.
8. Weichai independently added WISE13J versions G101 and V106.
9. Added Weichai's own system DPF stop button function.