Idutex new version publish for gasoline car at Nov.
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Car Brand Version No.Update detail
NISSANV23.0Add 1372 Special functions,Such As:
 Misfire Count (Real-Time)、Misfire Count (Past)、Idle Air Vol Learn、A/F Initial Learning、Vin Registration、Target Ign Tim hld、Target Ign Tim Adj、Strt Oprtn Cntr Clear、cml b/Dchrg Crnt Clear、Engine Coolant Bypass Valve、Clsd thl Pos Learn
 Auxiliary Gearbox Clutch Point Learning、fwd clutch point learning、conform cvtf deteriortn
 st Angle Sensor Adjustment、Start Brake Pad Replacement、Finish Brake Pad Replacement、Initialization Position Adjustment、Brake Operation
 3-Time Flasher Setting、Engine Start By I-Key、P Position Warning Deactive Function、Remo Cont ID Regist、Remo Cont ID Erasur、Automatick Door Lock Select、Automatic Door Unlock Select、Automatic Lock/Unlock Set
 Start Brake Pad Replacement、Finish Brake Pad Replacement、Initialization Position Adjustment、G Sensor Calibration、Clutch Sensor Reset、Brake Operation、Brake Release
Smart Key:
 Remote Engine Starter、Anti Key Lock In Function、Erase I-Key Id、Regist Key Fob ID、Answer Back I-Key Lock Unlock、Remo Cont ID Regist、Remo Cont ID Erasur And So on.
Add 1811 Action test,Such As:
 Vent Control/V、Eng Coolant Temp、Fuel Injection、Fuel/T Temp Sen、Purg vol Cont/V、Fuel Pump Relay、Ignition Timing
 Gear change、Neutral Position Gear 1-2、Neutral position 3-4、Gearbox Actuator In Assembly Position、Gearbox Actuator In Disassembly Position、Clutch to Engaged Position
 FR RH Sol、FR LH Sol、RR RH Sol、RR LH Sol、ABS Motor、Stop Lamp On Relay、FR L/H Wheel Solenoid Valves、FR R/H Wheel Solenoid Valves、RR L/H Wheel Solenoid Valves、RR R/H Wheel Solenoid Valves
 Reverse Warning、Tail Lamp、FR Fog Lamp、FR Wiper、Flasher、Int Lamp 、Vehicle Security Horn、Door Lock
 Apply、Release、Parking Brake Operation Check、Parking Brake Wwitch Indicator Lamp、Automatic Application Check
 Ignition Reset、Ignition Set、Side Lights Signal、Headlamp (Hi)、Headlamp (Lo)、Head Lamp Washer And So on.
GMV14.651. Add Configuration/Reset Functions type for all models.
2. Improve some functions for 2014 CADILLAC XTS.
3. Improve some functions for 2021 CADILLAC CT5.
4. Optimized 2003 Buick Regal cylinder power balance function
5. Fixed 2003 Buick Regal cylinder power balance failure.
6. Optimized 2007 Cadillac CTS cylinder power balance function.
7. Add reference value for Data List function.
1. Fixed Bugs 
1) 2004  JAZZ ABS system cannot clear code;
2) 2008 FIT Key programming communication failed;
3) 2006 Civic Key programming failed;
4) 2004 Fit SRS system cannot read error code
2.Add New Special function:RSPUMP,RSTRANSPORT,TYRE RESET,Windows Calibration,Seats Calibration.
3.Add Special function:
1) Throttle learning;
2) Battery current consumption history;
3) Write the alcohol content in the main oil tank;
4) Motor rotor position correction (IMA);
5) TMU activation;
6) Idle stop starter counter clearing;
7) ECO score writing;
8) Exhaust cooling air;
9) Insufficient air pressure alarm system (ABS system);
10) Sensor calibration of EPB system;
11) Customized reset of instrument system;
12) Maintenance information of instrument system (American market);
13) Replace the instrument control module of the instrument system;
14) Maintenance prompt device of instrument system (European market);
15) CVT oil replacement of instrument system (general market);
16) Neutral reset of four-wheel steering control system
17) Neutral point adjustment of four-wheel steering control system;
18) Steering angle sensor of active torque conversion system;
19) Lateral acceleration and side slip rate sensor of active torque conversion system;
20) All sensors of active torque conversion system;
21) Learning of torque sensor of electronic power steering system (EPS);
22) Steering angle sensor of electronic power steering system (EPS);
23) Transmission ratio sensor of electronic power steering system (EPS);
24) Setting data of electronic power steering system (EPS);
VOLVOV17.0Coverage up to 2020 model year:850,960,C30,C70 Coupe,C70 Conv,C70(06-),S40(-04),S40(04-),S60,S60(11-),S60L (19-),S60 (19-),S70,S80(-06),S80(07-),S90,S90 (17-),S90L,V40,V40 2013-,V50,V60,V60 Cross Country (19-),V60 (19-),V90,V90 Cross Country,V90 (17-),V70(-00),V70(00-08),V70(08-),V70 XC(-00),V70 XC(01-)/XC70(-07),XC70(08-),XC40,XC60,XC60 (18-),XC90,XC90(B8444S/B6324S/B6324S5/D5244T18/D5244T5),XC90 (16-)Version information, data stream, read code and clear code, action test...
CHRYSLERV24.91. Optimize the old protocol communication for engines of models before 2005.
2. Optimize VPW protocol communication of models before 2005.
3. New engine VIN code positioning function for models before 2005.
4. Optimize VPW code reading function.
5. Fix the support problem of some special functions of Grand Voyager in 2005.