Idutex new version publish for gasoline vehicle
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Update your idutex for the latest version

VW V23.10

1.Added coding function.

2.Added extended coding function.

3.Added VIN write function.

4.Added ready test function.

5.Added separate read function.

6  Added advanced ID function

7  Added document data flow.

8  Added document matching.

9  Added document-based basic settings.

10 Added data stream help information.

11 Added basic setting help information.

12 Added matching help information.

13 Added coding help information and optional coding information.

14 Added extended code help information.

15 Added help information for trouble codes.

16 Added trouble code repair guide.

17 Added password prompt information for secure access.

18 ptimize the manual selection menu.


Optimize the communication interface.


Fix some data list flow problems.


Add special function:



3、Sensor Calibration

4、Air Bleeding

5、Emission Gas Mode

6、Customization Reset

7、Manually Reset Service

8、Learning Value Reset

9、Learned Value Reset

10、Learned Value Reset(Throttle Learning)

More than 100 special function mode ids